The Sober Choice™

30 Days of support to get off the Gray Area Drinking merry-go-round and start your alcohol free lifestyle


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 We're living in a 'wellness-centric world,' and drinking just isn't part of it.

 I drank like most woman around me drink.

You know ...

the bookclubs, neighborhood gatherings, dinner with friends or a significant other.

A glass of wine easily and often turned into multiple glasses ...'the bottle'... of wine while out or just sitting on the couch in the evening.

That’s how I drank.

The kind of drinking that others say, “you don’t have a problem.” Or “you’re not that bad.” Or “it’s not like you’re an alcoholic or anything.”

I call it: Gray Area Drinking


You don’t have to meet an alcoholic criteria for drinking to be a problem.

You don’t have to hit a proverbial rock bottom to stop drinking!

You don’t have to keep engaging in heavy, risky, binge drinking because society at large believes, tells you it’s ‘normal’ and okay and legal.🙄

Gray area drinking.

It’s real.

It’s a problem.

A huge problem actually.

It was a real problem for me and it’s a real problem for millions of others.

But it doesn’t have to keep being a problem.

Stepping off the gray area drinking merry-go-round is one of the most liberating and empowering choices you can ever make for your health and your life. Truly!

The Ugly Truth

"I'm so glad I drank last night," said, NO ONE EVER.


The romanticized ideal of sipping whatever on a veranda by an ocean cliff in a sophisticated fashion NEVER happens!


What happens instead is:

Deep regret and self loathing.

Physical bloat, puffy skin, a GI system that gets twisted into knots with nausea.

Lost days and lost time from not being productive or able to show up for those people in your life who need you to show up (kids, aging parents, co-workers, partners and friends).

You're tired, and anxious, and unable to lose weight

You have an inner dialogue of shame and guilt running on repeat. 

Even when you intend to have 'just one,' you easily break that promise to yourself.  

Let's face it, you struggle silently

So WHY continue? ...

You're Here to Break Up With Booze

But you have concerns ...

You KNOW alcohol is NOT serving you, but like a toxic boyfriend, it can be hard to let go.


You may be worried about what it's like to live without alcohol.

How will you go out and still be fun? 

What will you do to relax at night? 

Will your anxiety get out of control? 

Will you end up just eating more sugar and gaining weight? 

What will your social life be like? 

How will you deal with friends who drink?  

Will you just pick up new bad habits?

I know. It's scary!

I've been there myself and personally guided hundreds of others on their journey. So I can tell you that everyone asks these questions and no one I've coached through giving up alcohol has had a single regret. 

In fact, I've had the pleasure of witnessing dramatic changes in people I've worked with and I'm psyched to see the same for you.

THE SOBER CHOICE™ will help you navigate your new lifestyle as well as teach you how to ADD to your life, dig deep, replace your cravings with healthy alternatives and gain SO MUCH more out of your life than you ever expected.  


What is The Sober Choice™?


We're not just going cold turkey and praying for willpower to get you through—that will only work for so long. 

We're not doing AA steps either; Gray Area Drinkers need a comprehensive approach. 

The Sober Choice™ walks you through your first 30 days of creating your new alcohol-free lifestyle and addressing all your concerns and questions. 


You'll learn what happens physically and mentally when you quit drinking and you'll get practical action steps to help your mind and body repair and replace cravings for good. 

You'll receive daily videos with advice, lessons and nurturing support in short (5-20 min) digestible steps, so you don't have to carve out time or sit through a long lecture. You can keep up with your busy life!


Every day for 30 days you'll get an email from me, Jolene Park (your guide and Gray Area Drinking expert), which will lead you to your videos in the private member portal.

You'll get me as your personal virtual coach & cheerleader who has been where you are today and I'll support you on your journey each day!

You'll find an area under each video to discuss your experiences with your new alcohol-free friends


This is your new go-to resource. 

Once you make The Sober Choice™, you'll get immediate access to ALL 30 DAYS at once. You do not have to go in order. If you see a topic you need right away - get to it!

You'll have lifetime access so you can review anytime and you'll be given plenty of tools and resources to continue making your choice every day beyond your first 30! 


"I have given up alcohol several times before for periods of one month to a few months but I never replaced it with enriching activities. With the help of Jolene’s resources I am trying to add in these new pieces. I’m sleeping better with less awakenings during the night. I am more even-tempered. I liked the daily support. I loved the resources, i.e.,readings, links, etc. I enjoyed reading other participant’s comments who are going through the Sober Choice as well. So many of the concerns that gray area drinkers have, such as, socializing without alcohol, nutrition and sleep were covered her and it was all very helpful."

Sober Choice Participant

What Happens When You Choose to Go Alcohol-Free?



Never again will you wake up with a hangover! Or regret that last drink. 

Guilt and shame will vanish and you'll find REAL self-confidence and self-love. 

You'll find yourself with a clear mind again. You'll be able to think deeply and make better decisions. 

Your natural energy will return. Workouts and exercise will become so satisfying. 

You'll develop new hobbies, meet new people and enhance your social life with REAL fun. 

You'll be present in your relationships and career. You'll make deeper connections and be so much more focused and productive with your work.

You'll look better. That healthy glow will return to your face, skin and aura. 

Your sense of self accomplishment will drive you! If you can do this, what else can you do?! There's no limit!

Really only one thing changes: EVERYTHING   

You're Not Alone. I've Got Your Back.

We'll go through your first 30 days together!


I'm Jolene Park, functional nutritionist, founder of Healthy Discoveries AND ... Former Gray Area Drinker!

Let me first congratulate you on being here and knowing you need to put Gray Area Drinking behind you! 

You’ve made the first, most significant step toward living the life you’ve been seeking all along.


In 2014, I made The Sober Choice™.

So I get it ... it was an exciting yet super scary time for me.

How would I fill in the gaps with new ways of thinking?

Where would I find the inspiration I needed to make this alcohol-free decision stick on a daily basis?

And so ... I discovered how my brain worked, what it was really craving and how to feed that craving in a healthy way. 

I became the Go-To Gray Area Drinking Recovery Expert!

My TEDx Talk on Gray Area Drinking has over 125K views.


I've personally coached hundreds of professionals one-on-one, from nurses to lawyers to stay-at-home moms, to become and stay alcohol-free. 

So I KNOW the questions that arise, the feelings you will feel, the thoughts you will think and I'll guide you through each and every one with advice you can't get anywhere else.

I will help you through making the choice and making it again everyday.



As an instructor, Jolene has been certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching and the Association for Addiction Professionals.

"Working with Jolene was the best decision I've made and it has given me the kick-start to the true health that I needed. I’m feeling so strong and certain now and LOVING how much more positive my internal dialogue is. My skin is glowing and I look younger. Thank you, Jolene!"

Perth, Australia

"Jolene is sensitive and practical. She taught me how to be gentle with myself and honor myself, how to fill up my life with nourishing activities that supported my alcohol-free choice."

Aspen, CO

"I love Jolene’s philosophy of adding things in versus taking things away. The fact that she would always emphasize that the work is about finding what helps and feels right/good vs getting a gold star for completing a self-care to-do list was such important mindset shift."

Newport Beach, CA

It's NOT just inspiration & support, it's how to stay NOURISHED.

Here's what your first 30 Days will look like:

Day 1 
Start With Why, The Vision For Your Life

Day 2
Do You Have to Quit Forever? Even If You’re Not Sure, You Just Need To Do This …

Day 3
Stop Beating Yourself Up & Feel Better Now! Reverse The Effects Of Alcohol

Day 4
Bypass Daily Drinking Triggers With Ease

Day 5
What’s In Your Hand Now? Find Your New Go-To Mocktail Drink With Extra Beauty & Health Benefits 

Day 6
How To Navigate Social Events & Weekends

Day 7 
Remedies For Carb & Sugar Cravings So You Don’t Go Back To The Drink

Day 8
The Simple Approach To Staying Sober

Day 9 
How To Tell Your Brain You’re Done So It Gets On Board And You Don’t Have FOMO

Day 10 
Get The Sleep You Need Without Your Nightcap

Day 11 
How To Fit In WIth Your Friends Or Lovers Who Still Drink

Day 12 
Combat That Urge To Just Have One

Day 13 
Natural Anxiety Remedies & Mind Calming Techniques To Replace Drinking

Day 14
How To Get The Relaxed Feeling You Used To Get From Alcohol

Day 15
You’re Still Fun! How To Keep Being Fun Without An Alcohol Buzz

Day 16
Let’s Talk About Sober Sex!

Day 17
Keep Your Social Connections Flowing - Don’t Lose Your Friends

Day 18
When You Get That “You Don’t Drink?” Mouth Drop From Others

Day 19
So You Had A Bad Day?
Don’t Say F*** IT Yet ….

Day 20
Did You Get Back On The Merry-Go-Round?
Do This …

Day 21
Keep Your Energy High (Naturally)

Day 22
Uncover Your Root Cause So You Stop Making Excuses To Return To Drinking

Day 23
Assess Your State Of Health Post Alcohol

Day 24
Drinking Messed Up Your Hormones. Here’s How To Fix Them So You Can Look & Feel Better

Day 25
Were You Expecting To Lose Weight But Didn’t? Do This…

Day 26
Don’t Trade One Vice For Another, Avoid Things Like Overeating & Over-Scrolling On Social Media

Day 27
Self Exploration:
Go Out, Do New Things, Travel And Live It Up!

Day 28
Extra Motivation And Inspiration For You!

Day 29
Your Go-To Tools To Support Your New Lifestyle (Extra Resources)

Day 30
Your Long Term Strategy


"This is a great program! I did two other 30-day programs and read books, but never completed 30 alcohol-free consistent days until now. This program offered more nutritional, emotional, and social information. I sleep better and feel better about myself! Every day there were many suggestions given to further explore the topics and provide exercises to practice new tools to live alcohol-free. Wonderful information, tips, tools and support to help live an alcohol-free life! This program was so positive and actually made me excited to continue to stay alcohol-free!"

Sober Choice Participant

"I have given up alcohol several times before for periods of one month to a few months but I never replaced it with enriching activities. With the help of Jolene’s resources I am trying to add in these new pieces. I’m sleeping better with less awakenings during the night. I am more even-tempered. I liked the daily support. I loved the resources, i.e.,readings, links, etc. I enjoyed reading other participant’s comments who are going through the Sober Choice as well. So many of the concerns that grey area drinkers have, such as, socializing without alcohol, nutrition and sleep were covered her and it was all very helpful."

Sober Choice Participant

"I've tried Naked Mind and Tempest. Both very good. But I just think the timing was right for me with this program. Also, I identified much more with the idea of grey area drinking. I’ve been put off again and again by big stories of extreme addiction which I can’t relate to and so I’ve convinced myself I’m not that bad, etc. This program has a natural and easy style. It’s simple format. It helped me a great deal and I resonate with the choice of sobriety without hitting an extreme rock bottom. I feel more confident, I sleep better and I’m feeling healthier, mostly I feel better about myself."

Sober Choice Participant

Is this for YOU?


You've been waiting for the ‘right time’ in your schedule/life to stop drinking but resisted starting because of the forever question.

You're Sober Curious. You're in a planning and prepping stage and want to see what this lifestyle change could be like. 

You're a Gray Area Drinker who keeps stopping and re-starting drinking because you struggle with various triggers like social situations and the end of the day drink to take the edge off.


Your drinking is more extreme and you don't resonate with or identify as a Gray Area Drinker.

You're waiting for a rock bottom or you think you might need a rehab/treatment center for substance abuse.



Just think how good you'll feel in your body and mind.
The sense of accomplishment you'll feel is priceless!

You can invest in yourself today and make

for ONLY $397!
Invest in The Sober Choice™ and add a 90 minute coaching session with Jolene for just $697.

If you'd like to try the program out, you can purchase the first seven days for just $129 (and receive credit for this amount when you purchase the full program!)

Support for your first 7 days going alcohol free!



  • Jolene Park as your personal guide
  • Seven exclusive and incredibly useful 'bite-sized' videos you can watch any time 
  • A week of daily notes of encouragement from Jolene
  • Private discussion area
  • Your health back! 

Support for your first 30 days going alcohol-free!



  • Jolene Park as your personal guide
  • 30 exclusive and incredibly useful 'bite-sized' videos you can watch any time 
  • Daily notes of encouragement from Jolene
  • Private discussion area
  • Your health back! 

Support for your first 30 days PLUS Individual Coaching



Everything included in THE SOBER CHOICE™


A 90-minute one-on-one coaching session with Jolene


"I felt much more supported in this program than the others I tried. I think I was also more bought into this program than in the past. Overall I feel so much better — more energy, happier with my body, clearer head, improved relationship. The daily videos really helped keep me on track. I would say it is a good option, especially for the price."

Sober Choice Participant

*Put this investment in perspective  When you add up what you're spending every month on your wine, beer, specialty cocktails or liquor, you're likely investing much more on alcohol than the cost of this life changing program.  

Got a Q?

What if I'm not sure if I want to stop yet?

Take this program, it will help you with your decision. There's no time like the present.

Is this like AA? 

This is a very different program then rehab, alcohol detox or a 12 step program. It is specific to Gray Area Drinkers. Please seek medical treatment if you need it!  

How much time do I need to commit?

The choice is yours. You will have access to the entire program right away. You can watch the videos you need when you need them or do them in order each day, it's about whatever feels best to you! 

What if I need extra help? 

There are private comment areas built into each day's lessons. You can also work with Jolene privately if you desire. You'll see special 1:1 coaching discount options just for Sober Choice participants inside the program.

How long will I have access to the material?

For the life of the program.

Is this only for women?

Nope. All are welcome! 


What happens after the 30 days? 

You can join Jolene's community of former Gray Area Drinkers to keep NOURISH-ing your Craving Brain.

What if I mess up?

No worries! Support for all possibilities is built into the 30 days.

Who is Jolene Park?

Jolene Park is leading the revolution in quitting Gray Area Drinking. With 300,000 views on her Gray Area Drinking TEDx Talk and having helped hundreds of professionals make this lifestyle change under her personal coaching, She created the Gray Area Drinking Recovery Hub at with programs for former gray area drinkers and those who want to coach and support other Gray Area Drinkers. Her functional nutrition background gives her the edge on the expertise in this area with unique advice and knowledge you can't get anywhere else.

For any other Q's, contact Jolene at [email protected]




You don't need to "sleep on it" or "wait until ___ to start."

You're here because TODAY is the day! 

You're here because you know alcohol has been a problem.

It has been causing you worry, shame and guilt and your body and mind are functioning at less than optimal levels. 



"DO IT! This is information I won't unlearn. It is about science, self-care, nutrition, and gray area drinking which is what I do. Other programs seem to extreme and have content that does not really apply to me. Jolene, you tailored this program to people like me who rely on nightly wine as a way to zone out, or a treat for myself or to self-medicate. I just realized it was too much and needed to be supported. I’ve slipped a few times, but know that not reaching for wine is a better way to live. I’m up at 6 am typing this! Something has shifted in my desire to cut back and go completely to alcohol free. I loved learning about the science behind and the ideas to support our mind, body and soul while not drinking. LOVED, loved, loved the way I felt physically and mentally. Thank you! I look way better, felt motivated to get stuff done, felt creative, happier, more even-keeled, resilient, proud, less anxious. I loved the information and delivery — love your voice and manner. You remind me of a friend!"

Sober Choice Participant

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