Gray Area Drinking Recovery Coach


Understand the craving brain & help your clients thrive when they go alcohol-free! 

A Specialty Training Program for Coaches & Healthcare Practitioners  


You're smart and savvy and you love helping your clients get life changing results.

You've done the trainings, you have the certifications and the degrees.

You're always looking to learn new practical techniques (not more theory) to better yourself and get better results for your clients.

And, you walk your talk. You're living a healthy lifestyle. You quit drinking yourself.

The only problem is, you don't feel completely confident when coaching others who are questioning their own drinking.

But you know alcohol is likely the root cause in many of your client's symptoms and struggles.


You know alcohol is hindering your client's ability to reach their health and life goals even though they often don't necessarily have outward catastrophic consequences from drinking.

Your Clients Are Likely Gray Area Drinkers.


We’re all familiar with the rock-bottom kind of drinking that ruins too many lives, and on the other end of the spectrum, there are those who never or rarely drink. 

If your clients fall in between these two extremes, they are probably drinking in the gray area. 

Let's be honest ...

The alcohol question is always on the table and you're the one who decides how far to take it.

Now you can learn exactly how to help your clients who identify as gray area drinkers and give them what they've been craving and searching for all along.

Maybe your clients ...

  • Tell you they only drink "a couple glasses of wine" and they don't want to give that up, despite wanting to follow a healthy nutrition plan. 
  • Struggle with low energy, depression, hormone imbalances or weight issues yet nothing seems to help them feel better except that nightly glass of wine.
  • Report feeling anxious, they have difficulty sleeping and burn the candle at both ends so they drink to take the edge off.

    You can clearly see the connection between your client's symptoms and their drinking.

Recovery Coaching for Gray Area Drinkers is a rapidly expanding niche that is in need of qualified, talented health professionals who have a practical and scientific understanding about what the body and brain needs when quitting drinking.

You know your clients will benefit from useful resources and techniques that help them stop drinking and stay stopped.


Adding this element to your existing coaching program will give your clients a greater life-changing transformation, making you even more valuable to them!





You Need Coaching Techniques That Work
For Gray Area Drinkers!

You need to know:

How to help your clients deal with cravings in the body and the brain. 

How to navigate the emotional stress response and the energetic carnage

How to work with a traumatized nervous system with trauma-informed language.

And exactly what to do when your client says "x" or does "y".  

This is not just about quitting drinking, this is about supporting your clients through the process of repairing, replenishing & rebuilding their body and brain once they stop drinking.

You also need expert mentorship as you expand your practice.

Hey, I'm Jolene Park 

In 2014 I decided to leave gray area drinking behind and it has been my mission to guide and support others as they do the same.

Not only have I acquired a lot of knowledge through extensive study in a nutrition certification, trauma informed yoga training, over 1,000 hours of continuing education in functional medicine and neurotransmitters, I've facilitated corporate wellness workshops & consulted with patients in internal medicine, neurology and family practice medical offices.

I've coached 100+ high achieving professional women through their own gray area recovery process and I did a Tedx Talk about it too--->


But I can't do this all  on my own!

Over half of my gray area drinking coaching clients are in the healthcare industry. I’ve coached social workers, nurses, therapists, nutritionists, physician assistants, physicians, yoga instructors, acupuncturists, other coaches, as well as attorneys, CEO's of non-profits, senior level executives/managers, and entrepreneurs.  

This is just a sample of the people who need this gray area drinking coaching support. 

I'm packaging up all the wisdom, tips and techniques so you can help others to understand their cravings better so they can stop drinking and stay stopped.

This is your invitation to join me in this exclusive and unique training. You can't get this anywhere else. 


Become a Certified Gray Area Drinker Recovery Coach

You'll Work With Clients to Give Them What Their Brain Really NEEDS!

Training Includes:

LIVE Training Sessions

Weekly Small Group Zoom Calls: Every Monday we’ll have a live group Zoom training session (60-90 minutes). There will be time for you to get all your questions answered during these weekly calls. This is where you will learn the techniques to use to change your clients relationship with drinking forever. 

Weekly Practice Sessions

Every Friday you’ll get an actual case study from a real gray area drinking client to practice your coaching. Hone in on which questions to ask and how to guide effective coaching sessions. You’ll practice this each week during this training course which will set you up to see various client needs, dynamics and unique situations that arise in coaching gray area drinkers.


Make sure you get the most out of the training. You’ll pair up with another coach to create an accountability partnership and support in between training calls each week. You'll also get peer-to-peer interaction in our private Facebook group so you're never alone. 


Power packed list of resource tools, and protocols (how to address each complaint your clients have) which will give you more to solutions to offer and further enhance your client's results. 


Training Manual With Handouts & Quizzes

Quizzes & tests you can give your clients to mark progress, know their trauma level, assess anxiety and depression markers, check neurotransmitter and mineral levels & create action steps with exercises from positive psychology. To further customize your client action plans.

Offer Your New Specialty

You'll know how to establish value based fees, and gear your business toward the Gray Area Drinker Community with intake and evaluation forms. **Plus you'll be listed on as a go-to Certified Coach.

This training is NOT about treating addiction or co-occurring disorders. 
This training teaches the biochemical and emotional aspects of gray area drinking.

"This training is out of this world and I am so grateful for all comments, suggestions and input. In the last two weeks working with my clients and sprinkling this about, the interest is tremendous. It seems that so many conversations with friends and in business I can hear how their living is linked to a deficiency somewhere. Especially knowing their history and where the are. It is so promising and hopeful. I am in love with everything about this training with Jolene. Thank you so much!"

Liz Keiffer, Holistic Health Coach


"I have received so much more than I had anticipated in this training. While I always felt I would be able to support and offer my clients the transformation they desire, I feel far more confident in being able to do so now. Learning the scientific support, tips and techniques has given me the skills I need to give my clients a greater chance of actualizing their desires. I'm also able to practice and embody what I have learned in order to walk the talk and attract the clients I am most suited to serve."

Jojo - London


"I think like most people in the training I have done a lot of research on quitting drinking, I follow other recovery coaches, etc. but one reason I signed up was, as a nutritionist, I was intrigued with the nutrition/brain/neurotransmitter side of things. That rarely gets talked about in books I have read or people I follow on social media. And it's a huge part of stopping drinking and being successful at it. It was great learning from Jolene who is so far along in her personal as well as her professional journey. The course was full of very useful information."

HC - Connecticut


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Here's What You'll Learn (LIVE):

Week 1: Assessing Gray Area Drinkers 

  • You're going to decide exactly what kind of recovery coach you want to be (carve your niche) and exactly what kind of clientele you want to work with.  
  • I'll walk you through all the ways to assess a client to know if you're the right person to help them and if they are right for you. 
  • You'll learn what and how to identify and rule out in a client’s history regarding certain medications, past trauma (particularly sexual) and drinking dynamics that will determine your coaching action plan.
  • How to create a step-by-step action plan that gets results and inspires your clients to follow though and get results.


Week 2: The Biochemical Components of Cravings

  • You'll learn how to effectively work with your client’s depleted biochemistry, discover how nutrient deficiencies are connected to specific moods and cravings.
  • You'll get cutting edge training on neurotransmitters and blood sugar balancingadrenal dysfunction, hormone imbalances, pyroluria and histamine disorder.
  • When you understand these important biochemical pieces you'll be very well equipped to coach gray area drinkers effectively.

Week 3: The Emotional Components of Cravings

  • You'll learn how to effectively work with your client's fight/flight/freeze emotional responses and the energetic stumbling blocks that happen from drinking too much.
  • Cutting edge training on the second brain (the gut!), attachment patterns, the adverse childhood experiences study, the impact of trauma on the brain and body and how this is relevant to every conversation you’re having with clients.


Week 4: Navigating Stumbling Blocks

When your clients stop drinking, they often start to experience things like insomnia, sugar cravings, increased anxiety and low energy.

  • You'll get step-by-step protocols for how to handle all those complaints specifically, one by one. You will always know what to do. 
  • You'll have access to apps, sites & books, specific to help the body and brain with the side effects of quitting drinking that you can recommend to your clients for extra support.
  • You will also get help with unique client situations like, what do you do with someone who doesn't want to quit forever, or has a spouse that drinks a lot and drinking is what their relationship is built upon.


Week 5: Working With The Stress Response 

  • In this week we will address how your client deals with outside stressors - like going on vacation, social situations and unexpected triggers.
  • When we're under stress the cognitive, logical brain isn't running the show, it's the animal brain and I'll show you how to connect with that part of the brain to better help your clients.
  • I'll show you how to help your client move past the self-sabotage patterns that keep them stuck.
  • How to keep your client and yourself on track throughout the coaching engagement so you don’t get burned out and frustrated with your client’s weekly up’s and down’s.
  • We will also be tending to your own energy and triggers after working with clients.


Week 6: Niche & Expand Your Coaching Practice 

Gear your business toward the Gray Area Drinker Community and establish your boundaries with clients.  

  • You'll be provided with intake forms, wrap up evaluations & online system recommendations to streamline your coaching practice.
  • You'll learn best practices for establishing yourself in the recovery coaching industry and support in charging value based fees, and creating your coaching offerings
  • You'll learn how to protect yourself from compassion fatigue and set boundaries within your client/coach relationships so you can confidently lead your clients through a transformational experience.
  • BONUS 1: You'll get a listing on as a Certified Coach 
  • BONUS 2: You'll receive a badge to place on your site to let people know you've been trained by Jolene Park. 

*Can’t make it live? No worries! The trainings will be recorded and archived for you to access at your convenience.

"I found the course to be of massive value, and it gave me tons of clarity around my "niche" in nutrition. This was the real world piece that is lacking in my nutrition certification. I like that Jolene's teaching is grounded in real world client experience. We discuss everything from spirituality to relationships to nutritional supplements, and the information is correlated to something that is actually do-able with clear action steps, not just some abstract concept."

MMS | Las Vegas
Best of all, you get peer-to-peer connection in the 

Private Facebook Group

Support from other Gray Area Drinker Recovery Coaches

You’ll be with other like-minded coaches, licensed healthcare practitioners who are working with the same type of clients as you (gray area drinkers) so you’ll have a professional community network to bounce ideas off of and get support.

You’ll have access to the private Facebook group where all the great conversations and connections are happening.

Let's do this together!


"This course is amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone on this path (and I already have!) The resources alone are worth the price, but then you get time and access to Jolene and the group which makes it invaluable. The information gained from this course was - by far - much more useful and relevant than any other course I've taken to support my coaching."

Andrea | Baltimore


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Most Recovery Coaches don't have access to cutting-edge training on how to help their clients with biochemical depletions and deficiencies.

When you can work with your clients in this way, you're able to make a lasting impact on their lives, stand out amongst your peers, and build your dream coaching business. 

"I was nervous about spending the money, wondering what value it would bring to my business. I am so glad I took this course! The value the course brought to my work was worth way more than the cost of the course. Jolene's professionalism and experience made the training so worthwhile, worth my time and worth my money. I love that all of the resources she gives are evidence-based; that gives me more confidence to use them with clients." "



Do I need to have a certification or degree to take this training?

While I don't require any specific training, it is important that you have already taken or are currently enrolled in some type of coaching program or health professional training and are already working with clients. This is not a program for a new career start, this program is continued education to build on your skills. 

If you just quit drinking recently and want to become a recovery coach, that's awesome! I just don't recommend taking this as your very first training. 

Will I receive an official certification?

Upon completion of the training, and practice session, you will be granted a Certificate.

You will also receive a badge to place on your website to show others that you've been trained and certified in this specialty.

You will also have the opportunity to set up your profile on the Gray Area Drinkers Recovery Hub at on the 'Find a Coach' tab. 

How is this different from other training programs?

I'm well versed in the knowledge of the body and mind's reaction to quitting drinking and every day I work with clients in this way.

I can't help all the gray area drinkers who are out (there are a lot!) by myself and that's why I want to share my unique and practical techniques that I've perfected over the last few years. 

How soon can I start using what I learn?

You can start to apply what you learn right away. You'll get actual case studies from me, (from actual clients *privacy ensured) so you will know what to do. You will be integrating what you learn into your coaching practice in real time.

Will you teach me how to start a business?

You will be provided with forms and marketing suggestions specific to this field. This training does not include an online business soup to nuts training and it's best if you already have your business foundation set up. 

How many people will be in the training?

This is a small group training. You will not be lost in a crowd, your questions will be answered and you will get attention from me personally. I'm here for you throughout the training.

For any other Q's, contact me at

"I can listen to folks in my health coaching practice who struggle with clean Whole Foods eating as they get pulled off by the weekend binge or the nightly wine. I see what’s missing. It’s like a microscope to their physiology. I’ve been health coaching for over ten years and this is the missing piece for sure! I know it is for my life and definitely for my clients!"

Liz | Florida

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