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The training program for coaches and healthcare practitioners to effectively resource their gray area drinking clients.

This training program is for you if...

You are a certified coach or licensed healthcare practitioner who is already working with clients or patients.

You are 12-18 months or more into continuous sobriety if you’ve struggled with alcohol in the past.

The world we live in tends to think about alcohol consumption in terms of black & white. 

As coach or healthcare practitioner- whether you’re a recovery coach, therapist, physician, social worker, nutritionist, nurse, or something else -  you’re probably pretty aware of addiction and sobriety. 

You know the stereotypical signs, you have some tools, and you’re familiar with the stumbling blocks. 

But what about that level of drinking that looks normal?

It can be passed off as social and doesn't come with a rock bottom, but is still unhealthy for the people doing it.

Welcome to the world of

gray area drinkers

If you have clients or patients in front of you on a daily basis, you’re working with gray area drinkers – whether you realize it or not.

Gray area drinkers are people who frequently drink more than they want to be drinking.

This means they’re exhibiting a lot of the symptoms associated with excessive drinking like weight and sleep issues, hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.

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But, they almost always slip through the cracks when it comes to getting the support they need.

gray area drinkers

Often the clients themselves aren’t entirely sure whether their drinking is a problem, and you’re stuck with tools that aren’t nuanced enough to pick up on the signs and start the conversation. 

Seriously, if you want to run an experiment, instead of asking the usual “How many standard drinks do you have a week?” Try asking “When was the last time you took a break from alcohol?”  

This reveals so much more about your client’s relationship with alcohol, and its impact on their health.

Support for Gray Area Drinking is a rapidly expanding niche in need of qualified health professionals who have a practical and scientific understanding about what the body and brain needs when quitting drinking.

When you add this string to your bow, you can charge and receive much higher rates for your work, and make a bigger impact in the lives of the people you work with.

gray area drinkers

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A functional nutritionist, health coach, somatic yoga instructor, TED speaker and former gray area drinker. 

So if you’re looking for a story about “rock-bottom,” you won’t find it here. Because the truth is my life looked pretty normal from the outside. 

Actually, I functioned really well. 

I knew how to eat well, I worked out on a regular basis and I loved to read and study everything health and wellness.  

But what people didn’t know was how much I loved the “off” switch that wine provided to my “on” and often anxious brain. And people also didn’t see how easy and frequent it was for one glass of wine to turn into one bottle of wine. 

I’d get into cycles where I’d stop drinking for weeks or months, then think to myself: “Why am I being so restrictive? I can be a social drinker.” So I’d quickly return to a level of drinking that I’d regret. 

I eventually got off this back and forth drinking merry-go-round in 2014, and since then, it has been my mission to guide and support others as they do the same. 

I have:

  • Completed over 1,000 hours of continuing education in functional nutrition since 1999
  • Facilitated corporate wellness workshops since 2004
  • Provided nutrition consultations for patients in internal medicine, neurology and family practice medical offices since 2009
  • Coached hundreds of high achieving professionals through their own gray area recovery process since 2016

And, in 2018, after being asked over and over again to teach what I know about supporting gray area drinkers, I launched an online training program. 

And this, right here, is your invitation to join me inside to access 20+ year’s worth of insight, resources, and techniques (aka stuff you can’t get anywhere else).


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The only professional development  program offering real-world resources, recorded sessions (with real clients!), plus the science behind the problem and the solution.

So practitioners and coaches like you can specialize and implement in just 7 weeks. 


When you join, you get forever access to all of it – including all future upgrades and additions.

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Live Training Sessions

Every Monday we’ll have a 90 minute live group training session on Zoom. There will be time for you to get all your questions answered during these weekly calls. This is where you will learn the techniques to use to change your clients relationship with alcohol forever. And yes, these will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live, no problem!

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Weekly Practice Sessions

Every Friday you’ll get actual case studies from real gray area drinking clients to practice your coaching. Hone in on which questions to ask and how to guide effective coaching sessions. You’ll practice this each week during our training call which will set you up to see various client needs, dynamics and unique situations that arise in coaching gray area drinkers.

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Peers & Accountability

To make sure you get the most out of the training, you’ll pair up with another coach to create an accountability partnership and support in between training calls each week. You'll also get peer-to-peer interaction in our private Facebook group so you're never alone. 

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Real World Resources

Power packed list of resource tools, and protocols (how to address challenges your clients have) which will give you more to offer and further enhance your client's results. 

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Comprehensive Training Manual

Including Tests & Quizzes

Quizzes & tests you can give your clients to mark progress, understand their trauma level, assess anxiety and depression markers, check neurotransmitter and mineral levels & create action steps with exercises from positive psychology to further customize your client action plans.

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The Tools to Offer Your New Specialty

You'll learn how to establish value based fees and gear your business toward the Gray Area Drinker Community with intake and evaluation forms.

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This course is amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone on this path (and I already have!) The resources alone are worth the price, but then you get time and access to Jolene and the group which makes it invaluable.

The information gained from this course was – by far – much more useful and relevant than any other course I’ve taken to support my coaching.

Jolene’s unbelievable, unending wealth of knowledge is mind-blowing.

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The case studies and practice calls were extremely helpful. I can easily get caught up in soaking in all the knowledge and get stumped when it comes time to put it into practice.

The resources combined with practice, as well as Jolene’s expertise and accessibility during the course, prepared me to engage with my clients with confidence.




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This training has helped me feel more confident that I can coach effectively in this arena.

It was also great to have real life case studies of actual clients to discuss as part of the training.




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This training as provided me with tools of knowledge about the craving brain, tendencies of gray area drinkers and about coaching others who want to give up alcohol too.

I have a varied and strong collection of new resources for my coaching tool box. I am connected to like-minded professionals who inspire and support my vision and abilities. This training was organized and engaging. Jolene is approachable and very professional. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that she shares easily and clearly.






gray area drinkers


Assessing Gray Area Drinkers 

  • Determine exactly what kind of offerings and services you want to provide your gray area drinking clients. 
  • I'll walk you through all the ways to assess a potential client to know if you're the right coach to help them and if they are the right client for you. 
  • You'll learn what and how to identify and rule out in a client’s history regarding certain medications, past trauma (particularly sexual) and drinking dynamics that will determine your coaching action plan.
  • Learn how to create a step-by-step action plan that inspires your clients to follow through and get results.


gray area drinkers


The Biochemical Components of Cravings

  • You'll learn how to effectively work with your client’s depleted biochemistry, discover how nutrient deficiencies are connected to specific moods and cravings.
  • You'll get cutting edge training on neurotransmitters and blood sugar balancing, adrenal dysfunction, hormone imbalances, pyroluria and histamine disorder.
  • When you understand these important biochemical pieces you'll be very well equipped to coach gray area drinkers effectively.

gray area drinkers


The Emotional Components of Cravings

  • You'll learn how to effectively work with your client's fight/flight/freeze emotional responses and the energetic stumbling blocks that happen from drinking too much alcohol.
  • Cutting edge training on the second brain (the gut!), attachment patterns, the adverse childhood experiences study, the impact of trauma on the brain and body and how this is relevant to every conversation you’re having with clients.



gray area drinkers


Navigating Stumbling Blocks

When your clients stop drinking, they often start to experience things like insomnia, sugar cravings, increased anxiety and low energy.

  • You'll get step-by-step protocols for how to handle all those complaints specifically, one by one. You will always know what to do. 
  • You'll have access to apps, sites & books, specific to help the body and brain with the side effects of quitting drinking that you can recommend to your clients for extra support.
  • You will also get help with unique client situations like, what do you do with someone who doesn't want to quit forever, or has a spouse who drinks a lot and their relationship was built upon drinking a lot together.



gray area drinkers


Working With The Stress Response 

  • In this week we will address how your client deals with outside stressors - like going on vacation, social situations and unexpected triggers.
  • When we're under stress the cognitive, logical brain isn't running the show, it's the animal brain and I'll show you how to connect with that part of the brain to better help your clients.
  • I'll show you how to help your client move past the self-sabotage patterns that keep them stuck.
  • You'll learn how to keep your client and yourself on track throughout the coaching engagement so you don’t get burned out and frustrated with your client’s weekly up’s and down’s.
  • We will also be tending to your own energy and triggers after working with clients.



gray area drinkers


Expand Your Practice 

Gear your business toward the Gray Area Drinkers and establish your boundaries with clients. 

  • You'll get intake forms, wrap up evaluations & online system recommendations to streamline your practice
  • Learn best practices for establishing yourself in the recovery coach, sober coach, gray area drinking coach industry
  • Get support in charging value based fees and help creating your coaching offerings (and integrating your new skillset into your existing consults) 
  • Learn how to protect yourself from compassion fatigue and set boundaries within your client/practitioner relationships so you can confidently lead your clients through a transformational experience.
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Despite the fact that I am a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, I learned so much more from Jolene.

I feel more capable and skilled at helping gray area drinkers. I now have new assessments as well as a variety of tools and action steps that will greatly help my clients!




I want to give you everything you need to implement
what I’m teaching right away, which is why these additional bonus audio trainings are part of the deal.

Bonus One


These sessions span the entire client journey, so you can hear how I put everything I teach into practice.

>> The initial 90-minute intake call - Listening for clues in the client's drinking story to get a sense of their neuro-chemical, metabolic and stress responses patterns.

>> 2nd coaching call - Utilizing specific positive psychology techniques to cheer on your client and discuss which action steps have worked best.

>> 3rd coaching call - Determining the self-regulation practices that will sustain your client long-term. Helping your clients notice and repeat what feels good, safe and healthy.

>> 4th coaching call - Trouble-shooting the "quit forever" question in real time, plus other stumbling blocks and concerns.

>> 5th coaching call - Wrapping up a coaching engagement or having the conversation about extending your client's coaching package.

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Bonus Two


Allison Hardin works in community outreach—including for the Center for Dependency Addiction and Rehabilitation (CeDAR)—and took on numerous volunteer positions in the prevention, treatment, and recovery field. She has been awarded the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals’ (NCC AP) National Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist (NCPRSS) credential. Her most recent adventure, launching Beyond Betty, is anchored in Allison’s deep understanding of long-term peer recovery support services and their life-changing power.

In this masterclass Allison covers:

  • Why treatment is beneficial for some clients and which types of treatment are available
  • Lara's personal experience with treatment
  • Aftercare (where gray area drinking coaching comes in)
  • Ethical considerations
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Bonus Three


 Elyse Wagner is a certified nutritionist, a positive psychology professional, author and an expert in the fields of Health Coaching ad Functional Medicine. She founded the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMC). She is also the creator of the Feel FAB Planer, a guided approach to planning and achieving health ad happiness.

In this masterclass Elyse covers: 

  • Strategies for visioning and creating your ideal coaching business
  • Tools to overcome imposter syndrome, self doubt and scarcity mindset
  • Routines (for coaches) to keep lift and calibrate their energy each day
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Bonus Four


Kendrick Shope is the creator of the leading sales training for women entrepreneurs, and the Authentic Selling® process which has created millions of dollars in revenue and new business for her clients. Kendrick’s hosts her own daily talk show The Kendrick Shope Show, and the Sell Like A Woman Podcast, reaching nearly 100 thousand followers in six continents. Her work has been featured on the Steve Harvey Show, NBC, Forbes, INC, and dozens more. 

In this masterclass, Kendrick covers:

  • The blueprint for good sales copy on your website
  • Overcome the icky, sleazy, slimy feeling of "selling"
  • Navigating the selling portion of the discovery call with prospective clients 
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Bonus Five


Emily Thompson founded Indie Shopography, a design and strategy studio for creative small business owners, in 2009. Emily has worked to help retail-ers, makers, coaches, and designers develop an online business model, strategize and launch websites, and grow their business online. She is the co-host of Being Boss Podcast and the Being Boss book. She also owns Almanac Supply Co., a maker and retail business focused on creating and curating items to help you live closely with nature, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In this masterclass, Emily covers:

  • Setting and establishing your rates
  • Building your business online AND in person.
  • How to develop and fine-tune your unique coaching offer
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The NOURISH Method
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This training has been incredible and way exceeded my expectations. Before I ever finished the training I was signing up new clients and I have already made my money back.

I started making a profit working as a grey area drinking coach and I only finished the cohort two weeks ago! I am now confident and very sure that I have an offering for my clients that really works. I have created a tailored 30 day program and it's selling well.

Jolene is incredibly approachable, knowledgeable and wise. I learnt so much and I really enjoyed the structure of the program.




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I'm so grateful I took this training before going back to graduate school for my masters in social work.

The Gray Area Drinking Coach training framed where the holes and need are for my specific community (southeast Asian, SEA) There are many therapists for the SEA community, but none holding space for alcohol cessation.

The hands-on approach to learning that Jolene provides is engaging and helped me to integrate the knowledge much faster.

While I might have looked to supplements, nutrition, and sleep in my own life, I didn't think to incorporate it into my coaching. Since attending this training I have decided to take a more holistic approach to my coaching.




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Jolene's training was one of the best trainings I've ever done, and I'm a practicing psychotherapist!

The material followed a clear arc, packed in so much information, and all of it was practical, which I loved. A lot of times, trainings can be great on the theoretic level, but it's not often I leave feeling truly armed with so many tools I can use right away.

I have learned so much about how to resource myself [and my clients] to rebalance the body to get ready to quit drinking by balancing neurotransmitters.




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Jolene is a wealth of information. I appreciate the resources she provided, as well as her level of professionalism.

She modeled how to coach throughout the entire training and shared everything she had with us. She walked the talk and, in turn, I can do the same because of her guidance and training.

Jolene is a wealth of information. I appreciate the resources she provided, as well as her level of professionalism.

I really appreciated all of the printable worksheets, links + audio files. It was a pleasure training with you, Jolene. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here with my coaching.




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I am grateful for the nuts and bolts advice and mentoring that Jolene offered as well as the case studies and role play.

Jolene knows how to package information into manageable bites.

I am grateful for the nuts and bolts advice and mentoring that Jolene offered as well as the case studies and role play.

She shares her wealth of knowledge and resources which is invaluable and extremely generous




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This thing I really like about this training is the down to earth approach to everything – nothing is off the table and everything is honoured.

I really think the somatic ‘body first’ element is a piece of the pie that is super important. This really tied together a lot of my past training and reading.

It’s had a huge impact in giving me confidence, and it brought together a lot of knowledge and skills from different disciplines (many of which I hadn’t thought about for a long time) which was great

It has also really shown me the deeper meaning behind many ‘simple’ ideas such as ‘do what works’




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As you can probably tell by now, The NOURISH Method™ Coach Training Program is a different and better training compared to other programs.

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As you can probably tell by now, The NOURISH Method™ Coach Training Program is a different and better training compared to other programs.

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Leave out the biochemical implications of gray area drinking.


Grounds everything in physiology and neuroscience so that you understand the stress response in the body and can provide clients/patients with techniques, practices, and physiological tools that help regulate the nervous system and helps gray area drinkers achieve long-lasting, life-changing results.

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Offer pre-recorded videos and worksheets to get the job done.


Is built around live trainings so you have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, get support, and then start implementing right away. You also get lifetime access to all future training programs, plus on-going connection to Jolene and other like-minded practitioners working with gray area drinkers.

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Are taught by people one or two-steps removed from 1:1 client work, like academics or program creators and marketing/business managers


Is taught by me - a certified functional nutritionist, health coach who is somatic/trauma informed and a former gray area drinker who has been working with gray area drinkers, day-in, day-out (a full-time 1:1 coaching practice with 7-10 clients every month) since 2016.

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Lack practical information and hands-on practice.


Is full of real-world application, like intake and evaluation assessments, and built around components that are designed with practice and implementation in mind. We look at different case studies (based on real clients I’ve worked with), talk through how to use the tools I provide (so they don’t just become pieces of paper you don’t know what to do with), and you can listen to recorded calls with me actually coaching a gray area drinker, so you have a real-time, real-world examples to learn from.

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More praise for
The NOURISH Method
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I am the last person who ever thought I would become a “coach.” A word I never really took seriously and gave more than a couple side eyes. But no matter how much I resisted this work, I finally realized it was exactly the right path and the right time for me. 

I finally decided to take the leap and to build on my nursing education with a coaching program. I wanted to do my part in reaching more women who are in this vast area of gray.

The area of drinking that is very real and personally one I know all too well. So I put out my feelers but I took my time.

I wasn’t going to sign up with just anyone or any program. It had to be the right fit and it had to feel good, Jolene immediately had my attention and my respect. I was blown away by Jolene’s ability to describe on a chemical level why we are so prone to drinking and how we can actually stop the cravings by using certain tools.



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I highly recommend this training for any coach. It will be an invaluable asset to your coaching business. The knowledge I have now (after completing this training) allows me to specialize in gray area drinking, which I know will expand my already growing business. 

This training catapulted me to a whole new level with my coaching business.

I'm now able to support my clients with the proper resources to help them with nutrition, and detailed somatic experiences. I also have a whole library of other resources including practical videos and essential books to support me in my work forward. The training has also helped me massively on my own journey and I'm so grateful to have attended and completed this course.




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I have a renewed focus on embodied self-awareness, especially emotional regulation, which is so important during these times. I’ve taken a deeper dive into aromatherapy for emotional support and I’m bringing that into my professional as well as personal practice.

My confidence in working with gray area drinkers in recovery is high as a result of this training. Jolene is an outstanding professional and role model. Her teaching style is accessible and her content is excellent and well-organized.




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I was very  impressed with the Gray Area Drinking coach training. Honestly, a week in I already felt as though I had gotten my money's worth and I most definitely feel like it was money well spent to help me up-level both my coaching business and also how I go forward with marketing both myself and my brand.

I am so excited to share all I have learned with my clients and to increase their success in the alcohol-free realm. This program has impacted my life and coaching greatly! I truly believe it has already taken my coaching to the next level. Learning all I did about neuroscience and going back to the basics of food, sleep, hydration, etc has been a complete game changer in terms of how I am coaching and helping co-pilot for my clients. 

I really appreciated the live calls and being able to crowd source our ideas as well as bouncing things off of each other as we learned. I liked how in real time it was so you could just give feedback or ideas. I felt very seen and heard by Jolene and how in-depth she was with answering questions and giving feedback on her experiences as a coach and business owner. Thanks a million Jolene.




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What you'll get from
The NOURISH Method
  • 7 LIVE trainings + Q&A and unlimited access with Jolene
  • 7 LIVE weekly practice sessions with actual gray area drinker case studies
  • Cutting edge nervous system regulation techniques
  • Practical nutrition and biochemical support for anxiety and cravings
  • Ready to use and implement resources
  • Bonus masterclasses to help you implement everything quickly and confidently into your practice

In other words, you get everything you need to hit the ground running. 

And, once you start charging for your new expertise (and the results it allows you to help your clients achieve) you’ll make your investment back with just a few clients.

The next training begins Winter 2022

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While many trainings tend towards more addiction recovery models, I appreciate and value the tailored approach Jolene offers to this unique demographic. I’m also super science oriented with a deep respect for alternative medicine.

I really love how Jolene brings a combination of many modalities into the training, along with a ton of education with regard to physiology and psychology. I loved learning from Jolene.




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Jolene offered her students so much of her own extensive knowledge and amazing resources.

In all of my thousands of hours of training as a social worker, I have never received as much concrete, practical and immediately useable information in any training before.

Jolene's offerings were exactly what she advertised for this program. Jolene delivers to her students even more that she promotes.




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Everything was fantastic, I loved it! This training has made me even more secure in my decision to stay sober.

It has increased my confidence in my abilities and added valuable tools to my practice.

Jolene is warm and able to answer any question. All information is delivered clearly and backed up with some excellent resources. Her genuine knowledge and passion is inspiring and just increased my excitement at getting out there and offering this specialist service.




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If you’re still here, wondering whether it’s really worth joining me for this training, I bet you’re wrestling with one of these prickly thoughts…

“Is this really worth the money?

"Jolene's professionalism and experience made this training so worthwhile - worth my time and worth my money. I love that all of the resources she gives are evidence-based; that gives me more confidence to use them with clients. This training, combined with my professional background as a clinical social worker, as well as the wisdom of experience of recovery, gives me a unique and marketable skill set to serve clients. It has broadened the way I think about being a therapist and the services I can offer.”
- Sarah Strickler Stone, Houston, TX -



“I’m interested, but I don’t want to niche down into gray area drinking…”

Great. Because this program doesn't need to be about hanging a shingle. It’s about improving your current practice with specific tools and resources, no matter what kind of practitioner you already are. And, as far as I’m concerned, the more of us who are trained in working with client's nervous systems, cravings and stress response, the better. I love the thought that people who struggle with their drinking can get the support they need regardless of which practitioner they’re working with.

“I’m already qualified and experienced, so I’m just not sure this would give me anything new to work with.

60 licensed practitioners and certified coaches have gone through the program so far, including therapists, social workers, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, addiction specialists, recovery coaches, life coaches and nurses, so you can’t be too qualified to take this training!

“I’m on the other end, and wondering if I’ll be able to keep up!”

Okay, this is a great place for me to pass you over to one of my previous students, who was wondering the same thing before she joined. Here’s Liz...

“I was hesitant that I wouldn’t know enough. That I would not come out feeling confident. That it would be too much to handle and I would, like other online trainings, lose interest. 

But I have been able to implement so many strategies - it’s all completely practical & not overwhelming. The resources are off the chart. I can listen to folks in my health coaching practice who struggle with clean eating as they get pulled off by the weekend binge or the nightly wine, and I now see what’s missing. It’s like a microscope into their physiology. 

I’ve been health coaching for over ten years and this is the missing piece for sure! I love how clear and matter of fact Jolene’s teaching style is. I also like how she meets me where I am. She’s brilliant but I never once felt inferior to her. Her space where she teaches from is clear and to the point.”

— Liz Kieffer, St Petersburg, FL

“I’m just not sure if I really need this…”

It's time for some tough love. If you’re a coach, therapist, or healthcare practitioner and you’re not talking with your patients, clients about their alcohol use in conjunction with whatever physical, emotional, life issue you’re supporting them on, you’re missing the mark. 

You HAVE to address the alcohol piece, and more importantly you have to know how to support gray area drinkers who present with various physical/emotional symptoms because gray area drinkers make up the majority of your practice today.

And, this, right here, is your opportunity to learn how to do all of that, comfortably and confidently, in just 7 weeks.

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I loved how the course was organized and how clear and thorough Jolene was as an instructor. The platform and the pacing really sets us up for success.

I felt it was packed with useful information that was digestible, and that the homework and the practice sessions really synthesized what we were learning. It is truly an amazing program, and information everyone should know, especially if they work in the healing arts or healthcare.

The reason I was drawn to the program was Jolene’s focus on regulating the nervous system. My favorite aspects were learning about the neurotransmitters and trauma. In general anything having to do with the nervous system (which is kind of everything…) was really fascinating to me and aligns with how I view healing as well.



Placeholder Image

Learning the scientific support, tips and techniques has given me the skills I feel will give them greater chances of actualizing their desires. I’m also able to practice and embody what I have learnt in order to walk the talk and attract the clients I am most suited to serve.

Jolene has shared everything that she has learnt and experienced in order to help facilitate a greater understanding through example for me. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise have made the learning extremely supportive, insightful and thoroughly enjoyable.



Placeholder Image

The biggest thing I gained from this training was the input on somatic experiencing which has had a direct impact on my life as someone with trauma and in terms of resourcing clients. I found the knowledge on neurotransmitters and nutrition invaluable and it will add a huge value for my future clients.

I learned how to create a concrete offer for clients, structure my calls and write engaging copy. I learned practical and useful exercises which I can use with clients.

Jolene’s approach her ability to adapt to the needs of the learner. I enjoy her manner and her openness and willingness to share. She is also very knowledgeable so it was great to have her expertise available. I really enjoyed hearing the initial intake (recorded) client call. Just a big thank you I really enjoyed it and feel very grateful for this opportunity and all that you shared with us.



This training has closed the loop by offering me a more scientific perspective on how to work with gray area drinkers. I had a strong skill set based on intuition and personal experience, but needed and wanted the technical understanding and application to bring to the table.

Participating in this training has helped me to more properly define my target audience as well as craft my message and packages for them. Having a teacher with firsthand experience, knowledge and expertise in working with the type of client I’d like to attract was so helpful. In addition to her expertise, I also appreciated simply having a reminder that the work I am called to do is important and needed.

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Do I need to have a certification or degree to take this training?

Yes! It is important that you are licensed or certified as a coach or health practitioner. You need to be comfortable working with clients on a 1:1 basis and running a business. This is not a program for a new career start, this program is continuing education to build upon your current professional health and wellness skills. 

If you just quit drinking recently and want to become a recovery coach, that's awesome! But this is not a general coach training, it's for coaches and practitioners who have already completed their foundational training and education.

What time are the training sessions? Will they be recorded?

The live training sessions will be every Monday at 12 pm EST and 7 pm EST. The practice sessions will be Fridays at 12 pm EST and 7 pm EST. Everything will be recorded (video and audio) in case you can't make the live sessions you'll able to rewatch at your convenience. You can also download and keep the recordings from your training cohort.

Will I receive an official certification?

Upon completion of the training, and practice sessions, you will be granted a certificate of completion. You’ll also receive a badge to place on your website to show others that you've been trained and certified in this specialty.

Do I need to be sober to sign up for this training?

If alcohol has been a problem for you personally,  18 months or more of continuous sobriety is ideal before taking this training. Plus, you've spent time developing your own physiological regulation and emotional agency before coaching gray area drinkers.

How soon can I start using what I learn?

Right away. You'll get case studies featuring actual clients (*privacy ensured), as well as access to audio recordings from real sessions, so you'll know what everything looks like and how to respond. In short, you’ll be integrating what you learn into your practice in real-time.

Will you teach me how to start a business?

First up, I’m not Marie Forleo (but, damn, I wish I had her hair!). So if you’re looking for a training that shows you how to set up an online business, this is not it. Yes, you get intake forms, and support setting your pricing and developing your offers, but all of that is couched in the context of integrating what you’re learning with the work you’re already doing. The program is specifically designed to help you work effectively with gray area drinkers, which means the bulk of our time together is spent on assessment, physiology, and nuanced coaching techniques for gray area drinkers.

How many people will be in the training?

This is a small group training. You will not be lost in a crowd, your questions will be answered and you will get attention from me personally. I'm here for you throughout the training.

Payments & refunds.

A $1500 non-refundable deposit is required to book your space in this training. Your remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the start date of your course. All payments once made are non-refundable. If you decide to leave the Gray Area Drinking Coach Training program, you will still be responsible for the entire program fee and you need to be comfortable with that commitment upon registering.


I have another question…

Great! Email me and I’ll get back to you ASAP. You can reach me at [email protected]

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I found the training to be of massive value, and it gave me tons of clarity around my "niche" in nutrition.  This was the real world piece that is lacking in my nutrition certification.

This was the program that provided me with the missing piece and confidence that I needed to launch my business.

Jolene gave us invaluable real-world coaching techniques and processes, walking us through each step — from the initial 15 minute assessment call all the way through the coach / client relationship. As I'm just starting out, I always hear how important it is to "niche" in your business, but that can be intimidating as of course, you want people to find you. This training gave me the confidence to offer the service that I feel most connected to, and passionate about. I like that Jolene's teaching is grounded in real world client experience. We discussed everything from spirituality to relationships to nutritional supplements, and the information is correlated to something that is actually do-able with clear action steps, not just some abstract concepts.

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